TZN Textiles & Leather Products Trade Limited Company founders has 20 years of garment production and marketing experience in textile industry. The tonyzenn's headquarter was opened in April of 2011 in Istanbul. tonnyzenn is one of the registered brand of parent the TZN Limited company.

tonyzenn,  specialized in men's wear and it's product range includes suits, groom group, overcoats, knitwear, shirts, shoes, sportswear and accessories.

tonyzenn's wholesale showroom is located at Osmanbey Istanbul. There are also tonyzenn franchise stores are located in Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Egypt, France. tonyzenn is expanding its retail franchises to reach new customers at Turkey and abroad.

tonyzenn's 70% of total sales are exports. The list of exporting countries are Algeria, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Chile Egypt, Dubai, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Kongo, Kuwait, Mexico, Netherlands,  Niger, Nigeria, North Cyprus, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, UK, USA and Uzbekistan .

Our company's recent plans are to reach new customers with the franchising system and to increase the number of stores in the country and abroad.

Our country has achieved world standards in quality of both design and production of textile products. tonyzenn was inspired by our country's rich cultural and artistic heritage that has developed unique aesthetic sense. tonyzenn brand ensures product quality, customer satisfaction and aims to become the global brand.

tonyzenn's fashion direction is steered by well educated, highly skilled and artful professional staff. The goal of tonyzenn's staff is give direction to the fashion world as a source of inspiration for the urban men who wants to adapt to the modern life in ever-changing fashion world.

As tonyzenn founders and employees, we have adopted the principle of being environmentalist.
We are also proud to take part in relevant social responsibility projects.